About us

SAGA is a Foundation that brings the Junior ODC measurement to the world. This measurement is specifically developed for young people aged 11 to 20 years.

The purpose of the Foundation is to help and support young people to make the right choices for education, work and in their personal lives.

SAGA offers the Junior ODC free of charge, because we want as many young people as possible, all over the world, to discover their strengths and talents.

Junior ODC

The Junior ODC is a version of the Odin Development Compass (ODC), specifically validated for young people. The ODC is a psychometric instrument that indicates your unconscious drives. The measurement starts with a simple 10-minute online questionnaire and is accessible via any digital device. You get to see different archetypal images, from which you have to make choices. Then you choose from an overview of 24 competencies and decide which 10 fit you best. The ODC goes much deeper than other psychometric instruments that work exclusively with forced-choice word based tests. In only 10 minutes, the ODC shows you which unconscious drives, natural strengths and talents you have as your preferences. 

The ODC, based on the theories of analytical psychologist Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, was developed and refined around the turn 0f the century. The measurement has since been specifically developed and validated for young people aged 11 to 20: the Junior-ODC.

Certified Junior ODC professionals

To date there are more than 30 certified Junior ODC professionals actively working with the Junior-ODC. Each qualified practitioner has their own specific experience, training and expertise, focusing on profile, study and/or career choice advice, coaching or therapy. 

For more information about the Junior ODC professionals, please contact info@saga-foundation.com.

Junior-ODC for projects

The Junior ODC can also be used for projects intended to guide young people in making the right choices for education, work and in their personal lives, for example local government projects focusing on young people (11 to 20 years old). Imagine projects intended to let more girls discover that a technical profession would suit them or matching young people to professions in the healthcare sector or reactivating unemployed young people.

The local governmental organization involved becomes a partner of the SAGA Foundation for this purpose. The partners support SAGA financially, which allows us to further develop the software and align it to the specific objectives of the projects. 

For SAGA it is important that as many young people as possible get the opportunity to use the Junior ODC, which is why we have chosen to make it free of charge. This will give young people insights that will help them to make better choices for education, work and life in general.


“The Junior ODC gave me a ‘manual’ to understand myself!”

– Stephanie, 12

“I now understand that I was just imitating my father’s behaviour, instead of using my own talents.”

– Sam, 18

“It was an eye opener for me that I have so many talents to develop for healthcare professions.”

– Alex, 17

“The Junior ODC gave me the confirmation that my career choice really suits me.” 

– Jody, 20


SAGA Foundation

Email: info@saga-foundation.com